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Crash cart

Model: MPC-QJ

5-Drawer central lock Hospital Emergency Trolley



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1. Mainly composed of aluminum·steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; aluminum alloy four-pillar load-bearing; 2. Upper part: ABS injection mold forms one-time integrated tabletop with handrails on both sides, easy to implement; ABS guardrail has no gaps on three sides, small items will not fall off, the height of the guardrail is 70mm, and the tabletop is equipped with transparent soft glass; 3. Front: One-time coded lock, equipped with five drawers, the first and second layers of small drawers 80mm* inner space: 424*375*68mm, two middle drawers 120mm* inner space: 424*375*110mm, one deep Drawer surface 240mm* inner space: 424*375*220mm, 3*3 dividers in the drawer, which can be separated freely, *The drawer handle is a segmented handle, the middle of the left side is a sign, and the slot is sealed to prevent liquid and dust from entering; The label area is designed according to ergonomic principles, and the slot type tilts upward for easy viewing. The left side is color separation. Each layer of color represents different items in the drawer. The thickened inner mold of the handle feels more reliable; 4. Left side: defibrillator platform, hidden telescopic working table, sundries box; 5. Right side: equipped with hidden telescopic infusion stand, 2L sharps box, ABS double dirt bucket color separation; 6. Back: Defibrillator, concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder holder, movable 5 meters power cord; 7. Bottom: Luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, light and flexible movement;


Standard specs.

2 small&2 middle&1 big drawer
sliding side shelf
dust basket
Needle disposal holder
IV pole
defibrillator shelf
oxygen tank holder
CPR board
power outlet&hook
utility container
storage box
centralized lock or breakaway lock
stainless steel guard rail
luxurious noiseless casters
label cards for the trolley and drawers






Packing carton CBM: 0.49cbm

Weight per carton: G.W:70KGS    N.W:65KGS

Delivery time: 10-15 days.

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