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Crash cart

Model: MA-QJ

Optional Size:

700X475X970mm; 650*475*970mm; 600*475*970mm; 560*475*970mm.

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MA series Medical cart features:

• Surface: ABS molded table mounting 304 stainless steel plate, features abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance;
three-sided 304 stainless steel fence to avoid any falling of materials.
• Pillar: Aluminum alloy pillar PVDF coating.
• Board: High-quality aluminum composite panel for sideboard and backboard.
• Drawer: All drawers are detachable design, easy cleaning, and replacement.
Aluminum molded drawer (Hereinafter AMD)
Aluminum plate welded drawer (Hereinafter AWD)
• Drawer handle: ABS
• Spaces: Lager and classified storage with ABS medicine cups or ABS dividers.
(For aluminum molded drawer, the lowest height is 110mm, another type could be lower)
• Castor: Noise-free castor with brake, of which diameter is 100mm.
• Round bumper: on the bottom of trolley body.
• Loading: Drawer loading: 50KG; Overall loading: 200KG.

Crash cart


1. CRS Defibrillator Shelf
2. Extension Table
3. 304SS I.V. Pole
4. Cardiac CPR Board
5. Waste Bin
6. External Power Holder And Plug Board
7. Oxygen Tank Holder
8. 304SS Wire Basket
9. Needle Box
10. ABS Medicine Box
11. PC Divider
12. Seals lock


13. Central lock
14. Keypad digital lock
15. Non-slip Mat
16. ABS Medicine Cup
17. ABS Medicine Box
18. Suction Shelf
19. ABS File Holder
20. Gloves Box
21. Soft Closing Drawer
22. Disinfection Holder
23. Push Handle
24. Castor With Brake
25. Anesthesia shelf

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