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Crash cart

Model: MP-QJ-W1000

Construction Aluminium base
Body Material: Top and side made by PP antibacterial and fire retardant material.
Lock system: Digital lock or one-time-use plastic lock or central mechanical lock OR auto-locking.

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MP series medical cart

The MP Emergency Cart / Crash Cart defines a new standard of organization and function with a host of features that provide reliable performance and promote improved workflow in emergency departments. The unique breakaway locking handle offers optimal security and the simple access essential to every emergency response. Stable maneuverability is built-in to every cart and a full line of accessories enhance user efficiency and support code team performance


Standard Line.
Narrow Line


Size: 790 x 610 x 900 mm / 790 x 610 x 1000mm / 790 x 610 x 1100mm.
Size: 580 x 540 x 900 mm / 580 x 540 x 1000 mm / 580 x 540 x 1100 mm.

Crash cart


* Cardiatric Board
* Defibrillator Shelf w/Multi position
* IV Pole ( Adjustable Height )
* Oxygen Tank Holder
* Extended Work Surface
* Plastic Seal Lock or Mechanism or Digital Lock System or Auto-Locking system.
* Drawer with ( imported Telescopic Slide Rail )
* Waste Bin with Lid
* 4 x 125 mm Caster ( 2 pcs with break )
Color optional: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige, Rose or customized if quantity is 50pcs.


Cart Specification

Model NO.




Drawer Quantity




Cart Dimension

790  x  610  x  900  mm

790  x  610  x  1000  mm

790  x  610  x  1100  mm


Drawer Specification

Height Depth Width
Three-inch 3″/7cm 15.75″/40cm 17.91″/45.5cm
Six inch 6.25″/16cm 15.75″/40cm 17.91″/45.5cm
Ten inch 10″/25cm 15.75″/40cm 17.91″/45.5cm

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