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Anesthesia cart

Model: AT-78023A/B 

6-drawer ABS Anesthesia cart with tilt bins




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Can be used in many departments as anesthesia trolley, clinical trolley, medicine trolley,multi-function nursing trolley.

Model: AT-78023A/B “A” means alloy aluminum column; “B” means plastic- steel column


Specification: 780*475*1000mm

  1. Mainly composed of aluminum, steel, and ABS engineering plastic; ABS top table formed by injection molding, easy to clean, Steel frame with alloy-aluminum columns; two columns to bear weight;
  2. Upper part: double-layer ABS board molding by injection, the shape design as fly-bird-type, with handrails on both sides, concave board design, and small items won’t slip; SUS304 guard rail with movable dividers, can keep different size bottle; With transparent soft glass on the table;
  3. Front: Six ABS plastic integrated drawers, three small drawers with 80mm height, inner size: 508*358*68mm; two middle drawers with 120mm height, inner size: 508*358*108mm; one big drawer with 240mm height, inner size: 508*358*222mm. Each drawer inside with 3*3 dividers, can be separated freely. Label cardholder is slot type design, to prevent liquid and dust into the holder.
  4. Left side: storage box insider with dividers, plastic mesh basket;
  5. Right side: one 2L needle disposal holder in the utility basket, double ABS dust basket with foot pedal for waste sorting. Centralized lock, the key can be folded;
  6. Back: Rack of multi-bin container (10 bins)
  7. Bottom: four corners with bumper, luxury universal insert noiseless casters, two with brake, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane, portable and flexible;8. Gross weight: 62.6KG
  8. Package size: 890*570*980mm(excluding the rack of multi-bin container&dust basket)



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