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Stainless steel Patient transfer stretcher trolley

Model: DJ815

Backrest Stainless steel Patient Emergency Transfer Stretcher with the IV pole.


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Main feature:
1. The main frame of the stretcher is made of stainless steel. The top is made of high-density foam plastic upholstered with leather.
2. Easy to operate, the height of the stretcher can be adjusted by cranks.
3. the backrest is adjustable by mechanic system 0~12°
4. The stainless steel side rails can be put up and down up to the need.
5. Split type design, detachable bed platform can work as individual stretcher
6. Wooden packing size:1990*710*550mm(1 psc/box)
Gross weight: 58Kg

Maximum loading: 300KGS.


Stainless steel Patient transfer stretcher trolley.

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