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Patient transfer trolley Copy

Model: DJ815

ABS Patient Emergency Transfer Stretcher


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Hydraulic ABS Patient Emergency Transfer Stretcher

Product Hospital Manual Patient Hospital Stretcher
Model DJ815
Stretcher 1. Electrophoresis and powder-coated steel
2. Platform and Chassis: Durable ABS material
Overall size (L*W*H): 1930*640*500-800mm
Features: 1. Wholly molded cold steel
2.Side rails: 2pcs, ABS, detachable
3. Central locking system with 125mm diameter dustproof castor.
4. Back section is operated by gas spring
5. ABS patient platform.
 Weight Load Up to 180kg
Function 1. Backrest max upward angle: 0-75°
2. Height is adjustable: 500-800mm

1 flat car surface size: 1930*640mm

2 flat car lifting height: 570-900mm

3 net weight 75kg, maximum load capacity 250kg

The car surface is molded by ABS engineering injection molding, which has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, and toughness. The four corners are respectively designed with handles for the convenience of nursing emergency personnel.

4 The guardrail adopts ABS lifting and lifting guardrail, and the gas spring cushioning design is put down to improve the comfort and the service life of the guardrail.

The back is backed by a gas spring type, and the back is lifted by 80°. It is easy to operate and can be operated with one hand.

5 The head has an oxygen cylinder bracket for 5L oxygen cylinders for emergency use.

The front end of the car has a diagonal infusion stand jack and is equipped with an infusion stand for patient infusion.

6 The overall lifting adopts rocker type design, the lifting stroke is 570-900mm, the handle adopts two-way interference protection and automatic lubrication function.

The 7 casters are 2-speed central control casters with a diameter of 150mm and a central guide wheel.

8 Auxiliary device: 4cm oxford car mat with 4 safety straps to protect the patient from falling from the transport cart when transporting the patient urgently.

Patient transfer trolley  Copy.
Patient transfer trolley  Copy.

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